HoopMetrics Support
A collection of articles answering questions and providing product education about HoopMetrics
HoopMetrics Stat Keeping Articles
How to Customize the Plays Tracked for Your Team and Your Opponent?
What is +/- (plus/minus)?
What is eFG%?
What is Turnover Ratio?
What is Assist Ratio?
What is Offensive Efficiency?
What is Defensive Efficiency?
What is TS%?
What is the Tendex?
How to Find & Start a Practice Game (Demo Game)
How to Edit a Game that has Already been Played?
HoopMetrics Basketball Stats Offered
How to export game stats and official game reports? (Compatible with Maxpreps)
How to export season stats?
What are the Suggested Lineups?
How Can I View and Download the Official Scorebook and Game Report?
Can you Save an Unfinished Game and Continue Entering Stats Later?
How to Enable Live Scoring for Fans?
How to Adjust or Undo a Play I Recorded by Mistake?
Custom Scorekeeping Preferences
How to Setup a New Game to Play
How to open a Team's Statting Menu?