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How to Navigate your Account Home Page?
How to Navigate your Account Home Page?
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SEASON AVERAGES - This is a quick view of some of your team's top season stats. To view all of your team's stats and data, click "View Full Profile". See all the stats HoopMetrics has to offer.

- This code can be shared with other teams using HoopMetrics. It will allow them to import your most up to date roster when playing a game against you. This code can also be shared with fans of your team to be found on our public network for teams and games. Learn more about the Share Code here.

PREVIOUS GAME - This will display your last played game. Click on the game to do the following options 1. Edit the Game 2. View the Game Stats (export options

START NEW GAME - Tap on "Start New Game" to begin the process to create and start a new game. Learn more about how to start a new game.

ACCOUNT OPTIONS (gear icon in the top right corner)

  1. Your Teams - View all of your teams or create a new one.

  2. Edit Profile - Edit your name and account picture.

  3. Enter Fan Experience - View our fan experience. Check out teams Teams and Leagues using HoopMetrics!

  4. Manage Subscription - Purchase a subscription or manage your current subscription.

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