How to export season stats?
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Exporting to a .CSV file

Click here to learn how to export stats from a specific game

All cumulative Season Stats may be exported to a .csv file, which you may open in most spreadsheet applications (i.e. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets).

Offensive and Defensive stats are broken down into subcategories (Points, Assists, Rebounds, Blocks, etc.). These stats are exported within a report. Reports include; game by game totals, player by player totals, and player by player averages.

How to find the export page:

1. Go to the Your Team tab in HoopMetrics

2. Scroll down and select "View Full Profile"

3. At the bottom of the page under EXPORT, select EXPORT STATS


4. Now, on the Statistics page, select the export button in the top right corner


5. Select which report you would like to receive


6. Again, select the export button


in the top right corner

7. Send the report to any email and receive it instantly!

You can also get to the Statistics page by selecting All Stats in the top right corner of your team's page.

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