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Step-by-Step Guide While Creating a HoopMetrics Team you Coach or Manage
Step-by-Step Guide While Creating a HoopMetrics Team you Coach or Manage

Step by step guide to create a HoopMetrics team.

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If you're looking how to start creating a new HoopMetrics team, see here.
If you're looking how to create an Opponent team, see here.

Step by Step Guide to Create a Team

Team Information

  1. Name - Your Team's Name. Example: If you're creating a team for "Jefferson High School" enter Jefferson or Jefferson High School for your name.

  2. Mascot (optional) - Your Team's Mascot

  3. Abbreviation - You have a 2 character limit.

  4. Gender - Choose between 1. Male 2. Female 3. Coed

  5. Team Type - Team Types include 1. Elementary School 2. High School 3. College 4. AAU/Travel 5. Recreational 6. Professional 

  6. Color - Select one color for your team

  7. Location - Enter your team's City

  8. Discoverability - Decide between Public or Private. Learn the difference here!

Game Settings (these settings can be edited at any time)

  1. Period Types - Quarters or Halves

  2. Period Length - 1-30 minutes

  3. Fouls Allowed - Select the number of personal fouls allowed per player in a game.

  4. Track Court Zones - Tracking court zones will impact what your in-game statting experience looks like. If enabled you will be required to select court locations while statting. If disabled you will have quick buttons in place of the court, but will not get court heat maps post game. Learn more about Court Charts

  5. Customize Plays Tracked - Choose which plays you want to track! Decide if you want to track Assists, Blocks, Steals, Turnovers, or Rebounds. Learn how to customize plays

Create Roster (optional)

  1. Add Roster - You do not have to input a roster until you want to stat a game. See how to create and edit roster players

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