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Team Discoverability - Private vs. Public
Team Discoverability - Private vs. Public

This article explains the difference between having a public team or a private team.

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- Private Team -

Setting your team to private means any data and information associated with your account will only be viewable by logging into your account. Nothing will display in our public HoopMetrics network through our Fan Experience. If you're interested in learning about our public network, see below under "Public Team".

- Public Team -

Setting your team to public means that your team, games, and players will be viewable on our public HoopMetrics network! Having a public team gives you access to the following features...

- Live Game Streaming

Give your fans an experience like ESPN. Live play-by-play and real-time stats for the whole team and specific players. See what the live cast looks like below!

Team and Player Profiles

Fans and players can create a free HoopMetrics Fan account to get access to the team's games and stats! (Learn How Here). See what a Team Profile looks like below!

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